The Committee

Dr Anna Cunningham Phd (Membership)

Anna is a reading development researcher with a particular interest in the role of pre-school skills and reading readiness in children’s response to early literacy instruction.

Dr Holly Joseph PhD (Meetings)

Holly's research uses eye movement methodology to examine children's comprehension of written text in real time. She is also interested in using eye movements to index learning of new word meanings encountered in texts. Website

Dr Daisy Powell PhD (Chair)

Daisy has broad interests in the field of reading and writing. Her interests are in cognitive mechanisms underlying L1 and L2 literacy, as well as social and environmental factors, such as the home literacy environment. Website

Dr Rachel Pye PhD (Website Coordinator)

Rachel's PhD looked at treatments for dyslexia, comparing visual and phonological approaches. More recently, she has looked at reading in different languages, looking at the relationship between phonology and orthography.

Dr Jessie Ricketts DPhil (Social Media)

Jessie directs the Language and Reading Acquisition (LARA) research lab where we are interested in reading and oral language development in childhood and adolescence and particularly the role of vocabulary in reading. Website

Dr Janet Vousden PhD (Conference Organiser)

Janet is interested in reading development in children, how we choose what to teach children to help them to read, and running interventions to see what is effective in practice.

Dr Laura Shapiro Phd (Meetings)