Dr Mary Jane Budd Phd

Mary-Jane's PhD looked at children’s speech errors using a computational model of speech production. More recently Mary-Jane has been investigating language and communication in computer mediated technology such as text language and emoji.

Professor Richard Cowan PhD

Richard is interested in typical and atypical number development, particularly in the ages from 4 to 11 years.

Dr Anna Cunningham Phd

Anna is a reading development researcher with a particular interest in the role of pre-school skills and reading readiness in children’s response to early literacy instruction.

Ms Nicola Dawson -

Nicky is interested in the role of morphological knowledge in vocabulary acquisition and word reading across development in both typically-developing children/adolescents and children/adolescents with language disorders.

Ms Jennifer Donovan M.A

Jennifer is interested in developing assessments to enhance the intervention support for children and adults with literacy difficulties, including dyslexia Website

Dr Holly Joseph PhD

Holly's research uses eye movement methodology to examine children's comprehension of written text in real time. She is also interested in using eye movements to index learning of new word meanings encountered in texts. Website

Ms Clare Lally BA

Clare is an ESRC-funded PhD student supervised by Professor Kathy Rastle and Dr. Rachel Pye. Her main research interests are in the field of reading, using artificial languages to investigate letter coding and representation in word reading.

Dr Rebecca Lucas Phd

Rebecca is interested in the reading accuracy and comprehension skills of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Language Disorder. She is also interested in factors influencing the vocabulary acquisition of children and adults. Website

Dr Daisy Powell PhD

Daisy has broad interests in the field of reading and writing. Her interests are in cognitive mechanisms underlying L1 and L2 literacy, as well as social and environmental factors, such as the home literacy environment. Website

Dr Rachel Pye PhD

Rachel's PhD looked at treatments for dyslexia, comparing visual and phonological approaches. More recently, she has looked at reading in different languages, looking at the relationship between phonology and orthography.

Dr Jessie Ricketts DPhil

Jessie directs the Language and Reading Acquisition (LARA) research lab where we are interested in reading and oral language development in childhood and adolescence and particularly the role of vocabulary in reading. Website

Professor Tricia Riddell DPhil

Tricia is professor of applied neuroscience and has expertise in Visual Aspects of Reading and Dyslexia. She is particularly interested in how reading in different orthographies results in different visual recognition strategies for identifying words

Professor Rhona Stainthorp PhD

Rhona is interested in the development of reading and writing, including spelling and handwriting, and the effective ways of teaching this. Website

Dr Jo Taylor PhD

My research investigates the way we learn to read, in particular how we learn the relationship between a word’s spelling and its sound and meaning. I use both behavioural and neuroscience methods in my research. Website

Dr Ana Ulicheva Phd

Ana is an ESRC Future Research Leader and is a member of the psychology department at Royal Holloway University of London.

Dr Janet Vousden PhD

Janet is interested in reading development in children, how we choose what to teach children to help them to read, and running interventions to see what is effective in practice.

Ms Suhair Alhelfawi -

Dr Selma Babayigit Phd

Professor Wendy Best Phd

Mrs Gill Brackenbury M.S

Professor Julie Dockrell Phd

Dr Liory Fern-Pollak Phd

Dr Naomi Flynn PhD

Ms Debbie Grimmond M.S

Ms Anne House -

Professor Jane Hurry Phd

Ms Nelly Joye Phd

Ms Roopa Leonard -

Professor Theo Marinis Phd

Dr Sam McCormick Phd

Dr Claire Murphy Phd

Professor Jane Oakhill Phd

Ms Theodora Papastefanou -

Professor Kathy Rastle PhD

Dr Laura Shapiro Phd

Mrs Lucy Taylor -

Ms Anna Tsakalaki M.S

Ms Alessandra Valentini M.S

Ms Natalie Walsh Bsc

Dr Angela Webb PhD

Professor Taeko Wydell Phd